Crustacean Meal Fertilizer 4-0-0

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If you love gardening or landscaping, then you may have come across Crustacean Meal 4-0-0. This natural fertilizer is an excellent source of minerals made from the shells and exoskeletons of arthropods such as crustaceans—crabs and shrimp to be precise. It is sometimes referred to as crab or shrimp meal.

The organic compound contains calcium, nitrogen, and essential minerals that are slowly released into the soil. A conclusive study indicates that high content levels of calcium found in crustacean meal, play a crucial role in strengthening plants’ cell walls. In fact, it is the most ideal option for young seedlings, flowers, and vegetables—plants that require a steady calcium supply.

The nitrogen found in crustacean meal acts as a vital component of the chlorophyll in plants. It is a known fact that nitrogen is the most significant component in soil fertility management programs as compared to hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen.

How Crustacean Meal 4-0-0 is Made and its Composition

When considering high-quality soil amendments for your garden, pulverized sea creature is not always the first to come to mind. As a matter of fact, natural fertilizers come in a variety of forms, and those extracted from deep-sea creatures, like Crustacean Meal 4-0-0, are among the best.

This crucial compound is made by kiln-drying crabs, shrimp, or lobsters and grinding them into a fine powder/dust.

Its composition includes:

  • Nitrogen-40%
  • Calcium-12%
  • Magnesium-1.33%

Importantly, it is the most valued fertilizer because of its high chitin contents.

What Are the Benefits of Crustacean Meal 4-0-0?

There is no doubt Crustacean Meal 4-0-0 is the perfect super food for your garden and soil amendment. As mentioned earlier, this natural fertilizer contains a high level of chitin, which feeds microorganism found in soil with chitin.

As this microorganism seeks more sources of chitin, they also consume grubs and other soil insects. This is a natural way to control soil bugs.

Additionally, Crustacean Meal 4-0-0 is useful for fighting root rot, powdery mildew, and blight. It provides a perfect habitat/space for microorganisms that produce enzymes that destroy root-damaging nematodes, resulting in more robust plants.

Besides, crustacean meal is an excellent source of slow-release calcium, nitrogen, and other essentials minerals especially when applied to beds several weeks before planting. This process protects your garden from over-fertilization. Furthermore, these minerals help the plant to develop strong structures and produce an overall deep green coloring.

Overall, it is safe for the environment. When used close to water systems, rest assured its nutrients won't leach from the soil to water runoffs.