What to Drink to Quickly Lower Blood Pressure at Home

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on January 29 2024

Few medical conditions can manage to sneak up on you, hypertension included.

That's why doctors often caution their patients against poor lifestyle choices that place them at risk of high blood pressure.

But what is high blood pressure and do you know what to drink to reduce blood pressure?

We're giving you a full list of different health drinks you can start taking today to lower your blood pressure fast at home.


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What is High Blood Pressure?

Man getting blood pressure checked by nurse

High blood pressure, also commonly referred to as hypertension, is a health condition that causes your blood pressure to be higher than normal.

Your blood pressure doesn't remain constant, but shifts during the day or in different life situations.

Because of this rise and fall, there is a safe and risky range for your blood pressure. To measure blood pressure, medical personnel use two numbers.


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The first number is called the systolic blood pressure, which measures the blood pressure in the arteries.

The second number is also called the diastolic blood pressure, and it measures the pressure in your arteries when your heart is at rest, which happens between beats.

What Drinks Lower Blood Pressure Quickly?

Apart from the prescribed medication for people suffering from hypertension, there are a few lifestyle changes that can drastically reduce blood pressure.

These lifestyle changes include drinking certain drinks, including:

• Skim Milk

Skim milk pouring into glass cup on brown counter

Skim milk is rich in calcium and low in fats.

Foods with these traits are a great option for people with or at risk of high blood pressure.

Yogurt is also a great alternative to skimmed milk.


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• Tomato Juice

Glass of homemade tomato juice next to whole tomatoes on kitchen counter

A study done in 2019 revealed to researchers in Japan that tomato juice positively impacts the cardiovascular system.

The positive results were also observed in pregnant participants as well as those with high-risk factors for heart disease.


What to drink for high blood pressure


• Beet Juice

Glass of beet juice on counter next to beet leaves

Beets are a great addition to your diet for their rich red color and the many minerals and vitamins they offer.

In a study carried out in 2016, researchers found out that the juice from cooked or raw beets can have a positive impact if consumed daily.


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• Hibiscus Tea

Glass mug of hibiscus tea on wooden cutting board

Hibiscus tea happens to be one of the best drinks to lower blood pressure. Other kinds of teas that reduce blood pressure are green tea and black tea.

• Pomegranate Juice

Glass of pomegranate juice next to pomegranates

Pomegranate juice is full of antioxidants like folate and vitamin C which lowers blood pressure by promoting hearth health and keeping blood vessels open for easy blood flow.

For more cardiovascular support, throw in a few grams of magnesium chloride USP, to allow your heart and blood vessels to relax and reduce blood pressure further.


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• Cranberry Juice

Mason jar of homemade cranberry juice on wooden table

A randomized placebo-controlled study revealed that cranberry juice has the potential to knock down high blood pressure by a few points.

When taking these juices, do not add sugar for maximum benefits.

Which Drinks Should You Avoid With High Blood Pressure?

Conversely, there are foods and drinks that high blood pressure patients should steer clear of, and they include:

• Alcohol

Man sitting on couch putting hand up to say no to brown beer

Excessive alcohol consumption can affect the muscles in your blood vessels and heart.

This can cause the blood vessels to narrow, increasing blood pressure.

Alcohol consumption has been related to a higher risk of developing hypertension after the age of 35.


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• Energy Drinks

Cans of energy drinks

Numerous stories on the internet tell tales of terrible health effects caused by energy drinks, especially when taken in excess.

Researchers recommend that healthcare professionals advise those with high blood pressure to limit their intake of energy drinks since these beverages can disrupt the heart's natural rhythm.

• Sugary and Carbonated Beverages

Green bottle of soda with carbonated bubbles

Sugary drinks hurt your hypertension and overall health, as well.

These drinks also place you at risk of diabetes and obesity, so it's best to avoid them when you can, if you're trying to care for your metabolic health.


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