7 Signs You May Have a Magnesium Deficiency

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on November 30 2023

In the fast-paced life many of us lead, it is easy to overlook the crucial role that essential minerals play in maintaining our well-being.

We are all culpable of being blissfully unaware of the privilege it is to be in good health.

Among the many minerals that help run your body, magnesium stands out because it is essential in over 300 biochemical reactions.

Despite its significance, many people suffer from magnesium deficiency.

Join me as we unravel the mysteries of magnesium and how you can tell if you have magnesium deficiency.


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What is Magnesium Deficiency?

Heart beat waves

Magnesium deficiency is an often overlooked condition that leaves your body craving magnesium.

In response, your body will send signs and symptoms like low appetite, irregular heartbeat and mood swings.

Magnesium deficiency is not typically the first thought that comes to mind when feeling out of sorts, but it is a common and easily fixable condition.


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What Are the Causes of Magnesium Deficiency?

Person holding digestive system image against stomach

Magnesium deficiency causes range from a diet lacking the mineral to a genetic disorder that renders your body unable to absorb the extremely rare mineral.

These diseases include celiac disease and inflammatory bowel disease.

People who have had gastric bypass surgery also stand a chance of getting nutrient deficiency in general.

People with a low magnesium deficiency are likely to stick to a well-balanced diet, take supplements and have no underlying health issues.


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How Common is Magnesium Deficiency?

Food high in magnesium

Magnesium deficiency is a fairly rare condition in most first-world countries.

However, it is becoming more prevalent as society embraces poor lifestyle habits, including poor diets.

In addition, as more and more people get engrossed in their social and work lives, they may not take in as many calories as they should, increasing the likelihood of magnesium deficiency.


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Various Signs of a Magnesium Deficiency

Man holding leg because of cramps

Here are some symptoms you may notice if your body is magnesium deficient.

a) Irregular Heartbeat

Many things can cause abnormal heart rhythms, but magnesium deficiency could be the culprit if they occur together with the following symptoms.

b) Low Appetite

Struggling to even remember when it's time to eat? Does food lack the appeal it once had?

Would you rather do anything else down a plate of food? You may have a low appetite caused by magnesium deficiency.


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c) Muscle Spasms and Cramps

Muscle spasms and cramps are as painful as they are uncomfortable. They may spoil your plans for the day, leaving your body sore.

Avoid the inconvenience and get your magnesium oil spray or magnesium chloride USP to relieve your muscles.

d) Weakness and Fatigue

Feeling weak and tired can suck the joy right out of your life. Try magnesium and see the difference.

e) Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression can fool you into thinking there is no light at the end of the tunnel but don't fret. All you need is magnesium supplements to get you feeling right as rain.

f) High Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure may be the most delicate aspect of your health, and magnesium is crucial in maintaining normal blood pressure.

g) Vomiting and Nauseous

A variety of illnesses can cause vomiting and nausea, but if you can't put a finger on the exact cause, it just might be your low magnesium levels.

How is Magnesium Deficiency Treated?

Woman drinking magnesium chloride usp powder for gut health

Now, for the easy part, all you have to do to put magnesium deficiency behind you is take more magnesium because your body can not make its own.

You want high-quality magnesium from a trusted source like you'll find in our shop.



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