Popular Spring Cleaning Tips You Must Try for 2022

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on March 23 2022

Spring is finally here after a long winter! But before you open your windows for fresh air, believe it or not, it is time you spring-clean first.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to give your spring cleaning routine a makeover in 2022.

Why You Should Have a Spring Cleaning List

Sometimes, we ask ourselves why we should have a spring cleaning list in the first place.

The truth is, a spring cleaning list helps us schedule time to deep clean our rooms one by one for an organized, happy, and healthy home.

A thorough spring cleaning helps you remove mildew, dust, dirt, and molds before it becomes unmanageable.

Ready to begin? We have a spring cleaning list and popular spring cleaning tips you must try in 2022 for a more manageable task.

Spring cleaning checklist with kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom and notes sections

Download your Spring Cleaning Checklist here

Here are tips to spring-clean the right way in this year's season of renewal.

1. Make a Spring Cleaning Schedule

Daily planner notebook on white desk next to pink roses in a blue vase

Scope out your house: Begin with tasks that apply to all rooms before specific cleaning.

Start with rooms that need the most work. Such areas include those that you usually skip during routine cleaning.

Having a plan and cleaning schedule will keep you focused on spring cleaning rooms one by one—use room cleaning tips for areas such as the bathroom and kitchen that require specific cleaning.

2. Declutter and Give Away Items You Don't Need

Woman with curly hair in white shirt and white pants declutters her home and donates clothes to charity

One of the best ways to make spring cleaning easier and faster is to declutter. As you go from room to room, take a box with you.

Take anything that makes the space cluttered and place it in the box. Include unwanted things or those that do not fit into the space.

3. Work from Top to Bottom

Woman with brown hair in ponytail wearing long sleeved plaid shirt cleans white bookshelf

Force debris downwards by starting your spring cleaning from the ceiling down.

You do not wish to waste your time re-dusting and re-cleaning the surface because you did not begin from top-down.

Remove dust and cobwebs from the ceiling, then dust your furniture before vacuuming the floor to save time.

4. Utilize Reusable Cloths and Tools

Person in gray shirt wipes flat screen tv with pink cleaning cloth

Instead of paper towels, you can accomplish your cleaning tasks with reusable and biodegradable cloths.

Find absorbent materials that are odor resistant and anti-microbial to spring-clean your house.

To add to the eco-friendly factor of cleaning with reusable items, you can also repurpose that bag of epsom salt you may have in your bathroom cabinet to scrub tile and grout or remove detergent build-up in your washing machine.

5. Deep Clean Your Rugs and Carpets

Person in dark gray pants and black and white converse shoes deep cleans white carpet with silver vacuum

Restore your carpet's color and texture by deep cleaning it today.

You can use the help of professional carpet cleaners or buy a high-performance vacuum cleaner to help you deep clean and improve your indoor air quality.


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6. Clean Curtains and Blinds

Person wearing yellow cleaning gloves wipes white blinds on a window with a purple cleaning cloth

Most people often neglect curtains and blinds during the routine cleaning. Take them down and dry clean or machine-wash time the manufacturer's instructions.


7. Utilize Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions

Man and young girl cleaning living room together with non-toxic cleaning supplies

Get rid of toxins from the house by avoiding cleaning solutions and products with harmful chemicals.

You can make your own non-toxic cleaning products using essential oils, too!

Our essential oils are organic and hand-bottled for quality control. 

The essential oils we recommend using for DIY cleaning solutions are: 

Remember, spring cleaning is about a safer and more environmentally-friendly home for your family. 

By making your own homemade multipurpose cleaners with essential oils, you are reducing the amount of toxins in your home.

You can also add some more indoor plants to naturally purify your air for easy breathing.

8. Plant Colorful Flowering and Air-Purifying Indoor Plants

Young woman in red shirt planting an indoor container garden with flowers and leafy green plants

Find air-cleaning houseplants with bright colored flowers to keep your house clean and fresh.

Although spring comes with green grass and trees, buy impossible to kill seedlings for your indoor venture.

Besides, use the best fertilizers to keep your plants healthy as you enjoy nature's freshness.

9. Diffuse Essential Oils

Small essential oil diffuser in bedroom using greenway biotech organic orange essential oil

Keep germs at bay by diffusing essential oils throughout the house.

Leverage essential oils' antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties to kill pathogens, lift the mood and improve your house's smell.

Shop at Greenway Biotech For An Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Experience

Spring cleaning is all about removing toxins and making your home more comfortable.

Therefore, your room cleaning tips must include a spring cleaning list with eco-friendly solutions.

At Greenway Biotech, we have a variety of reasonably priced essential oils and fertilizers.

Browse our various collections, either home & garden or personal care, to step up your spring cleaning this year!



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