How to Optimize Immune Health in 5 Ways

Written by Amir Tajer


Posted on August 06 2020

We're all increasingly aware these days of the value of immune support in maintaining overall health.

We're seeing diagrams in the news explaining the body's teamwork between white blood cells such as T cells and B cells, antibodies, and other active components.

They remind us of what a wonderful coordinated response meets the intrusion of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens that could affect our health.

We have the power to take a conscious approach in helping them do their job, especially if factors such as stress or chronic conditions are slowing our immune system down.

Of course, the best way to protect ourselves is to not give pathogens access to our bodies in the first place. The world is full of them and some are very dangerous, so that's a critically important strategy.

In addition, here are five other ways that we can join in and provide immune support to win the battle against diseases.

1. Sleep and Meditation

Sleep to boost immunity

Research is once again showing what grandma always knew: sleep heals. When we give our bodies a chance to restore themselves during sleep, our immune health wins big time.

Meditation can have a similar effect, even if it just allows us to reduce our stress levels it's a very good thing.

Magnesium chloride supplements can help if you're having trouble sleeping or are seeking to lower anxiety and stress levels in general.

2. Providing Enough Necessary Nutrients

MSM for nutrient intake

What we eat and how we live can short-change our bodies of the nutrients they need or deplete them while handling stress. It's modern times.

Our immune systems rely on us to make up the difference. That's why it is important that we help out by supplying what our bodies need.

3. Exercise

Exercise to boost immunity

Exercise is not just for weight loss, of course! It's part of keeping our bodies vibrant and healthy. Moderate exercise can trigger positive responses throughout our bodies.

Magnesium chloride supplements can help with some muscle pains and keep us moving. Exercise and magnesium sulfate, more specifically, together help reduce inflammation throughout your body, helping many systems including the immune system to improve function.

4. Hydration

Drinking water to boost immunity

You've heard about how the body is up to 60 percent water, right?

Fluids provide a way for the components of our immune systems to travel to where they're needed.

Water also helps to transport nutrients and other support to the battle.

5. Whole Foods

Eating whole foods to boost immunity

It's incredible how much benefit our bodies and immune systems get from the nutrients and micronutrients that are present in fresh, high-quality whole foods.

Along with targeted supplements, this is a great immune health strategy.

A Powerful Immune Booster

Magnesium to boost immunity

According to the U.S. government, magnesium is essential for over 300 of the body's biochemical reactions.

In addition to immune support, it promotes normal muscle and nerve function, a regular heartbeat, and strong bones as well as helping to regulate blood glucose.

Magnesium is an underrated but essential part of our nutrient intake whose benefits researchers are still actively studying.

Many of the foods that supply dietary magnesium are not a big part of the typical American diet, so it's a great nutrient to add yourself. 

Our magnesium chloride is a high-quality source of magnesium that can make a difference for you -- put a bag of it on your kitchen table and start finding out!


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