How Can Omega 3 Fatty Acids Improve Your Skin Health?

Written by Amir Tajer


Posted on September 29 2021

If you suffer from dry, irritated or inflamed skin, you might have an omega 3 fatty acid deficiency. Your body can't produce omega 3 on its own, meaning that you'll have to get your dose from food and supplements.

Adding omega 3 fatty acids to your skincare regimen can make your skin soft, plump and nourished and relieve the symptoms of skin conditions like psoriasis.

What Are Omega 3 Fatty Acids?

omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are nutrients that support your body's most important systems and lower your risk of certain diseases.

Getting enough omega 3 in your diet can hydrate your skin, increase your energy improve your brain functioning.

Some skincare brands use ingredients rich in omega 3s to nourish and hydrate the skin directly.

What Skin Conditions Do Omega 3 Deficiencies Cause?

Eczema rash on arms

While omega 3 deficiencies don't necessarily cause skin conditions, they can aggravate the symptoms of an existing condition.

If you suffer from psoriasis, your skin could become red, itchy, flaky and inflamed when you don't get enough fatty acids.

Increasing your omega 3 intake could relieve inflammation and hydrate your dry skin.

Omega 3 fatty acids have a similar effect on eczema.

Since omega 3 is an anti-inflammatory, a supplement or skin cream could improve your skin's hydration and elasticity.

Not getting enough omega 3 could cause increased breakouts and discomfort across your body.

Excess bacteria and clogged pores can cause acne breakouts, which create swollen bumps across the skin.

The infection in the skin triggers your body's inflammatory response.

Omega 3's anti-inflammatory properties may ease your acne outbreaks and reduce your chance of permanent scarring.

How Do You Know if You're Low in Omega 3s?

Fatigue from low omega 3's

Since omega 3s support your body's major functions, you could experience a number of symptoms if you're low on omega 3s.

Common symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Memory loss
  • Dry hair
  • Brittle nails
  • Low energy
  • Poor circulation

You might notice that your skin is dry and flaky, wrinkles appear more easily and skin condition breakouts occur frequently.

As you suffer from more frequent inflammation, you increase your chance of permanent scarring.

How Can Omega 3s Improve Your Skin Health?

Healthy skin from omega 3's

Using a skin cream rich in omega 3s or a vitamin for skin health could have the following benefits for your skin:

  • The omega 3s will nourish your skin, improving elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines.
  • Your skin will be able to produce new skin cells more easily.
  • You'll notice fewer acne, eczema and psoriasis breakouts. When you do have a breakout, they'll be less painful and clear up more easily.
  • Your skin will have an even tone and fend off skin damage and signs of aging.
  • The scars on your skin from previous breakouts will heal more easily.
  • Your skin will get the moisture and hydration that it needs to stay soft and healthy.

How Could You Address Omega 3 Deficiencies?

Woman putting on cream from a jar

To address the deficiency, you could eat foods rich in omega 3s or take an omega 3 fish oil supplement. However, dry, irritated skin might need more direct care.

Our Bee-Tanical Cream uses ingredients rich in omega 3 like sweet almond oil to nourish and hydrate your skin. The clean, non-greasy formula refreshes your skin without making it feel oily.

Other ingredients include beeswax, aloe vera gel and tea tree oil that come together for a rich, soothing experience.

Shop our Bee-tanical Cream below and treat your skin with nourishing, non-toxic ingredients. 



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