How to Manage Excruciating Muscle Pain Naturally

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on March 10 2023

Did you know that your body depends on more than 600 muscles to move around and get things done daily?

Sore muscles may seem part and parcel of growing old, but this is a misconception.

With proper care and diet, your muscles should support your body without aches and pains accompanying your every move.

But what causes muscle pain and what are the possible remedies to relieve muscle soreness and pain?


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What Causes Muscle Pain?

Person with a sore back sitting on bed grabbing lower back

To understand what causes muscle pain, you first need to understand why muscles hurt, especially after exercise for athletes.

Pain in the muscles is caused by a buildup of lactic acid, a byproduct of your muscles producing energy during workouts.


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However, not everyone that suffers from muscle pain or soreness has been working out recently.

Other causes of muscle pain include muscle tension, stress, injury, or overuse.

Muscle pain is usually localized to the affected muscle.

If you experience pain throughout your body, consult a doctor immediately because this can signify a much more serious illness.

Remedies for Muscle Pains

Simple muscle pain can be easily relieved at home using the following methods.

1. Massage

Woman getting a massage outside with hands on her neck and head

Massaging the affected area and using high-quality magnesium oil spray from Greenway Biotech Inc. to relieve sore muscles instantly.

Magnesium oil also helps reduce skin oiliness and helps with arthritis.


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2. Rest

Woman asleep on white pillow with gray blanket on top of her

The best relief for sore muscles is rest.

This time off allows your muscles to heal and resolve the pain without further intervention.


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Resting also means you discontinue any activities that could be causing muscle pain.

You can add yoga to your resting for an added benefit.

3. Use Ice

Woman in short sleeve shirt putting blue ice pack on her elbow in her living room

Ice is great for relieving your nerves from pain sensations.

It also allows less blood flow to the affected area by constricting blood vessels and reducing inflammation.

When using ice always place a clothe or other barrier between the ice and skin.

4. Stretch and work out often

Woman in white turtle neck stretching on the floor with arm over her head

Spending most of your working hours in one position is not good for your muscles, so take breaks to stretch and squeeze in a workout.


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Health Benefits of Magnesium Oil Spray

Greenway biotech magnesium oil spray in a glass bottle

Here are a few health benefits of magnesium oil spray on your sore spots.

  • Improved sleep- You will notice that sleep will come easily when you use the magnesium oil spray on any body part.
  • Helps relieve discomfort for arthritis patients- Patients suffering from arthritis can use the magnesium oil spray on the affected areas for relief.
  • Naturally increases energy levels- Additionally, with our  Health Bundle, you can say goodbye to low energy from sore muscles.

Lastly, the magnesium oil spray for muscle pain is well-packaged for easy use on any body part.


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We also use Eco-Friendly Packaging using glass jars because magnesium reacts with plastic and metals.

Using magnesium products packaged in anything other than glass is not safe.

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