How to Grow Beautiful Rock Crystals With Copper Sulfate

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on June 29 2022

Did you know rock crystals symbolize new beginnings? Well, yes, they do.

They are associated with Monday, the first day of a business week and April, which is the month that ushers in spring.

Now that you know, you can make it your special gemstone and fortunately they're easy to make right at home!

What Are Rock Crystals?

White rock crystals

If you are a collector, you understand how precious any gem is, including rock crystals.

This gem, in particular, is a transparent variant of the silica mineral quartz frequently mistaken as lead crystal glass.

Most rock crystals are naturally-occurring, but thanks to science, you can grow some in your home.

The primary use of rock crystals can go from ornamental to spiritual. They easily stand out from other stones, and it is pretty safe to allude that they are one of the most artistic gems on earth.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that they are used in making jewelry and as home décor. Nevertheless, some will argue that they are the most underrated gemstones.

We will let you be the judge of that. Additionally, some use these rock crystals as a healing stone to channel energy levels to achieve a peaceful mind and revitalize the physical body.

What is Copper Sulfate?

Copper sulfate is popularly used as an herbicide, fungicide or algaecide, among other uses.


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However, copper sulfate has another extra-ordinary use: growing beautiful rock crystals.

Typically, Copper sulfate crystals have a beautiful oceanic blue color. Also, they relatively grow quickly and can result in pretty large crystals.

The chemical compound is ubiquitous, thus making the entire process inexpensive.

Step-by-step Guide to Grow Crystals from Copper Sulfate

Blue rock crystals made from copper sulfate crystals 

The process is pretty minimalist and straightforward. The materials include:

  • Copper sulfate
  • Water
  • Jar
  • Gloves

Step one: Boil Your Water.

The first step is heating your water until it boils. This allows the crystals to boil faster and accelerate the chemical process.

Step two: Saturate the Copper Crystals.

Add the copper sulfate into the boiling water and stir until it can no longer dissolve. The solution should be a clear blue, color-sometimes with hints of purple.

Step three: Place the Solution in an Undisturbed Location

Let the jar of saturated solution sit in a room or corner location as long as it shall remain untouched for hours but can easily be observed.

After some time, you should notice crystals forming at the bottom or on the walls of the glass jar. You can proceed to pick out the perfectly formed crystals.

How to Grow Bigger Crystals

Pink rock crystals

They say good things take time, and so do beautiful crystals. You will need to be more patient if you want larger crystals.

Typically, the process should take a while as the solution evaporates slowly and the excess crystals combine to form gorgeous single pieces.

Throughout the period, the temperature changes should be as minimal as possible since that will likely disrupt the formation.

Therefore, it is advisable to place the jar of saturated solution in a room exhibiting negligible temperature shifts.

As your crystals grow, you may also notice many tiny crystals forming.

To aid the process, you can remove the larger crystals from the solution, decant the solution into another jar and place your more giant crystals back within the shortest period to avoid any interruptions in growth.

It is crucial to remove the smaller crystals as they are likely to compete with the larger ones.

Safety First

As easy as the process is, it is vital to prioritize safety. Copper sulfate is a chemical and can have side mild to severe side effects.

Always have your protective gear on, especially safety gloves, whenever you want to touch the copper sulfate solution.

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