What Plants Attract Butterflies?

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on July 20 2023

Butterflies not only make for a great photo-op but also make your garden look like a scene straight out of Disneyland.

Give yourself and your loved ones the opportunity to enjoy beautiful flowers and colorful butterflies this summer by planting these beautiful plants.

Why Grow a Butterfly Garden?

Yellow monarch butterfly on orange flower in field

Owning a beautiful garden can be counted as a huge success.

It is a place for you and your loved ones to spend beautiful hours together running about or just gardening.

On that note, a butterfly garden is a beautiful garden that attracts butterflies that, in turn, pollinate your flowers.

The butterflies will also feed on nectar while cross-pollinating your plants.


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Do Butterflies Need Flowering Plants?

Flower garden

There are a few things a butterfly needs most importantly, the sun, because they need the warmth to keep their muscles moving.

Butterflies feed on nectar produced by the flowers and collect pollen while doing so.

They will transfer these pollen grains to the next flower they land on facilitating pollination.

Butterflies use the nectar to stay strong enough to fly.


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Top 10 Plants Proven to Attract Butterflies

1. Lantana Camara 

Latana camara to attract butterflies to garden

This is a flowering plant that displays gorgeous colors in tiny bloom; talk about good things come in small packages.

As you would expect, this eye-catching plant is a magnet for butterflies and other pollinating insects.

2. Gomphrena

Gomphrena flower for butterflies

This light-loving flowering plant needs to get at least 6 hours of sunlight each day to thrive.

Once its flowers bloom the butterflies cannot resist its subtle yet brilliant purple hue.


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3. Marigold

Orange marigold flowers to attract butterflies

The marigold flower can grow with very little effort.

The flowers are a brilliant yellow that attracts butterflies and other pollinating insects.

4. Cosmos 

Dark pink and light pink cosmos flowers to attract butterflies

The cosmos plant is an annual flowering plant that closely resembles the daisy.

The delicate flower sits atop a slender stem displaying a variety of colors including white and purple.


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5. Dahlia 

Pink and orange dahlia flowers

The dahlia plant is a landscaper's favorite thanks to it's radiant beauty in full bloom.

Apart from it's use in producing dyes, the flower is great for attracting butterflies.

6. Butterfly Bush 

Pink butterfly bush flower to attract butterflies

Also named the summer lilac, orange eye, or buddleja davidii the butterfly bush plant is a brightly colored plant that is a favorite for pollinators in summer.


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7. Sunflowers 

Large yellow sunflower to attract butterflies to garden

The sunflower plant might be the most common flower on any continent.

This resilient plant can grow in many conditions except in the polar tips.

The round yellow flowers make for a great attraction for butterflies.

8. Cornflower 

The cornflower plant grows in well drained soil and thrives in regions with good sun coverage.

The annual flowering plant is a go-to for most gardeners because it is easy to grow and is great for attracting butterflies.

9. Lupine 

The lupine plant displays beautiful leaves with green or grey foliage covered by a thin layer of silver hairs.

During summer the plant's elongated stem puts the flowers on display attracting butterflies.


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10. Snapdragon

Also known as the Antirrhinum Majus plant blooms for months making a great home for butterflies.

Which Fertilizer Should You Use When Growing Butterfly Plants?

When planting plants that attract butterflies you want to use the best fertilizers to help them grow large and strong.

Here are a few fertilizers you can get to grow butterfly garden plants.

  • Blood Meal Fertilizer

Blood meal fertilizer increases the nitrogen levels in soil and improves plant yield and blooms.

Use this fast-acting blood meal fertilizer to correct nitrogen levels in the soil and repel garden pests like deer.

  • Bone Meal Fertilizer

Bone meal is an essential nutrient for your plants; almost as essential as sunlight and water.

It provides a necessary combination of nutrients that ensure your plants produce long- lasting blooms to attract butterflies and other pollinators to your garden.

  • Boric Acid

Boron is a necessity if you wish to maintain balance between starch and sugar in your plants.

It also helps support water and nutrient transport throughout the plant.

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