What is the Best Phosphorus Fertilizer?

Written by Amir Tajer


Posted on August 20 2021

Phosphorus is a vital nutrient for plants, allowing them to grow and thrive.

Without adequate phosphorus intake from the soil, plants cannot grow in the way they should.

Before you start your search for a high phosphorus fertilizer, let's take a look at the important of phosphorus for plants and how you can help them get enough.

The Role of Phosphorus for Plants

Green plants with roots showing

Plants use phosphorus to help them convert other nutrients into building blocks that they can use to create new cells and new growth.

In particular, plants need phosphorus to create healthy roots and shoots.

When they have low phosphorus availability, plants cannot grow properly and might develop symptoms of a phosphorus deficiency.

Common Symptoms of Phosphorus Deficiency in Plants

Phosphorus deficiency in plants

Plants that do not get enough phosphorus can show the following issues:

  • Slow growth
  • Dull yellow foliage
  • Few flowers
  • Sometimes leaves have a purple cast

Why Does Phosphorus Content of Soil Matter?

Person holding soil in hands

Plants derive their nutrients from the soil that they grow in.

Healthy soil contains plenty of phosphorus in the form of phosphates, but over time the amount available for plants to use can decrease.

When this happens, you need to intervene to boost the amount of phosphorus in the soili if you want your plants to be able to thrive.

How to Replace Phosphorus in Soil

The best way to add phosphorus back into your soil is to use a high phosphorus fertilizer to replace the nutrients that have been lost.

As there are many types of fertilizers available, it is important to check the NPK ratio to ensure that the one you plan to use is high in phosphorus.

The middle number in the NPK values printed on fertilizer packaging tells you how much phosphorus the fertilizer contains as a percentage of its total mass.

The higher the middle number, the more phosphorus is in the fertilizer.

The other numbers tell you how much nitrogen and potassium the fertilizer contains. These are also important nutrients for plant growth.

What is a High Phosphorus Fertilizer?

We supply several fertilizers that are high in phosphorus to help your plants put down strong roots and reach healthy shoots to the sky!

One option is bone meal, which has been used for generations as a traditional source of phosphorus.

Fish bone meal is an alternative to bone meal made from animal bones.

We also offer phosphate fertilizers which efficiently supply phosphorus to soil that is badly depleted.

You can choose to use either a water soluble or non water soluble fertilizer depending on whether you prefer to use the fertilizer as it is or dilute it first.

Take a look at our range today:

All these fertilizers are high in phosphorus and can turn around the health of plants that are struggling because of a phosphorus deficiency.

Give one a try today to see if you can revitalize your garden.



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