How to Make a Square Foot Garden

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on March 30 2023

The term square foot gardening was coined in 1981 by Mel Bartholomew.

It has since become a frequently practiced gardening technique over the years.

Square foot gardening is a gardening technique used by gardeners whereby the planting space is divided into small square sections.

The technique is a sub-type of raised-bed gardening.

Not only does this gardening technique look neat and easy on the eye, it also makes it easier for gardeners to plan their gardens.


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How to Get Started

Dark brown soil

  • Preparing the Soil Surface

    To start a square-foot garden, you need to ensure your gardening space is relatively flat.

    You can redistribute soil to create a flat surface if you have an uneven surface to work with.

    The space must also be in the open where your plants can get at least six hours of sunshine every day.

    Next on the checklist is how elevated the piece of land is because low-lying gardens will get water logged after rains.


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    Person digging soil in raised garden bed

    • Creating a Raised Bed Garden

    Once you have your land cleared out, you can then build a raised bed garden and fill it with good quality soil.

    Always ensure your soil is at the right PH and is not prone to retaining too much water.

    Additionally, add fertilizer to your soil depending on the kind of plants you want to bring onto the garden.

    Using Greenway Biotech Inc. fertilizer does wonders for your plants by balancing out the PH and providing slow-release nutrients for your plants.

    Square foot garden with leafy green plants planted in 1 foot squares

    • Making the Squares

    Next, you will need to create the smaller garden beds by dividing the garden into 4x4 feet squares.

    These are the typical measurements used in square-foot gardening but you can adjust them to suit your personal preferences.

    Square foot gardening soil should be at least 12 inches deep with allowance for settling after watering is done.


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    Is Square Foot Gardening a Good Idea for You?

    Leafy green plants inside a square foot garden bed

    If you like the idea of neatly planting your plants in your garden but find it hard to get organized, square-foot gardening is just the gardening technique for you.

    It is perfect for high crop yield and is relatively easy and cost-effective to set up.

    What is the Benefit of Square Foot Gardening?

    Green onions growing in square foot garden bed

    Square foot gardening encourages the gardener to utilize space effectively so more plants can be planted in a small space leading to higher crop yield.

    In addition, a square space garden is a great way for you to start your first garden because it gives you a structured start in your gardening journey.


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    What Are the Best Tips for Square Foot Gardening?

    Greenway biotech blood meal 13-0-0 high nitrogen fertilizer

    If you are a beginner at gardening then square space gardening is perfect for you.

    Starting small and growing on your square space is the best way to get started.

    Always keep your soil composition in mind and use blood meal fertilizer as well as alfalfa meal to add essential nutrients and minerals to the soil.


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