How to Make a Winter Planter for Your Porch?

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on December 12 2023

A captivating winter planter for your porch is the perfect way to bring cheer to your Christmas season.

The best part about having a winter planter is you don't have to water it, but it remains lush green.

You may associate a radiant bloom with spring and summer, but it is possible to enjoy a pop of color in winter if you invest time and effort in creating a few winter planters for your porch.

Here is how you can create a winter planter for your porch and spread the cheer this merry winter season.


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Pick the Right Pot

Winter planter in the snow

The first step to enjoying lush greens and radiant blooms in winter is choosing the right planter pot or urn.

The most important aspect of the pot is its aesthetic value because it is a major part of the winter plater.

A good quality pot does the crucial task of keeping your plant's roots healthy and warm.


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Plant pots come in different materials, shapes and sizes, but not all are designed to withstand winter's harsh temperature drops.

Choosing a planter made from fiber-glass, fiber stone, and non-porous plastic composites is good for keeping Jack Frost at bay.

Fill Your Pots or Urns with Good Potting Mix

Potting soil mix

The next step is to find well-drained soil for your planter.

The soil should not be compact because you must stick some plant parts into it.

Dead mums are a great way to make your mix nice and buoyant; they are nature's own styrofoam.


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Any dead foliage in your garden will do if you can't find dead mums.

Insert a Few Twigs for Poles

Handful of sticks

Depending on what style you are going for, you can use birch poles or twigs to create a center.

Use three of each and lay them out in a circle or triangle shape.

Go as deep as the pot allows because these will be the anchor points for your planter.


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Add in Your Greenery

Pine branches

You can use cedar clippings for your winter planter or pine branches for this step.

You want to fully encompass your center poles to make it look full.

Cedar clippings are great if you want them hanging around the edge of the pot.


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If you decide to use both, place the cedar at the edge of the pot and use the stiff pine clippings in the center of your planter.

Leave no bald spots around the center.

Add in Some Color

Red winter berries

No planter is complete without a little pop of color. You can now add in some red berries, pine cones or even a large bow.

If you are in the festive season mood, you can place a large jingle bell on your winter planter.


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When you are done, place your planter around your porch right next to the Christmas lights so everyone can enjoy your artistic flare.

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Winter planter

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