How to Make a Mini Farm in Your Backyard?

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on November 30 2023

Imagine your backyard transformed from the ordinary into a thriving hub of sustainable homegrown produce.

This dream is entirely possible with the mini-farm backyard concept actualized in your backyard.

What's more? Mother nature does most of the work for you.

Let's explore how you can start and maintain your mini farm today.


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How to Start a Backyard Mini Farm?

Person holding box of produce in field

The best advice you'll ever get when starting your garden is to start small and take everything in stride.

Start by choosing diverse plants in smaller quantities and trim down the number based on what does best and when.

If you'd like to add animals like chicken, start by building a cozy home for them and planning their diet year-round.


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It is also important to check whether local policies and laws allow animals.

The good news is once you're all set, there's no stopping you from reaping the benefits of your hard work.

How to Do Mini Farming Step by Step in the Backyard?

Hens and rooster on farm

Starting a mini farm in your backyard is much easier in bite-size portions.

a) Plan the Setup

Setting up a mini farm needs proper research.

You need to know which plants do well in your zone.

You will also need to know where each plant will go.

Will it be a potted plant or a raised garden and will you include any animals?


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b) Buy the Essentials

Next, you will need to buy the tools, plants/seeds, and fertilizers from a trusted retailer like Greenway Biotech Inc.

c) Keep Records

You need to know when you planted your plants and vegetables and keep up with the watering.

This way, you know when harvest time will be. So, keeping a tight ship is essential in farming.

How to Maintain Your Mini Farm With the Best Fertilizer?

Woman gardening with greenway biotech tomato fertilizer

Apply fertilizer as needed to increase the chances of a bumper harvest. Keep in mind there are many ways to fertilize your mini farm.


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What Are the Benefits of Mini-Farming?

Person picking plant leaves on farm

An extra source of income - Mini farming, if done right, can become a source of income for you. You can also trade your produce for other items if you make too much for your family.

Extremely manageable - Mini farms are far more manageable compared to fully-fledged farms. They also cost less to start in comparison.

Easy to keep track - With a large farm, it may be hard to catch diseases and pests early.

Smaller farms make it easier for you to do a once-over every once in a while in the least amount of time.


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What Fertilizer Do You Need for a Mini Farm in Your Backyard?

People passing plant to each other across table with kelp meal fertilizer

Mini-farming is often undersupplied with nutrients because of the many plants growing in one small space, so fertilizer is crucial.

Tomato Fertilizer

Our Tomato Fertilizer is heavy metal-free and has all the nutrients your succulent tomatoes need.

Pepper and Herb Fertilizer

Thinking about planting some capsicums, mints, or coriander? Pepper & Herb Fertilizer is the best fertilizer for your mini farm.


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Crustacean Meal Fertilizer

Crustacean Meal Fertilizer is a natural fertilizer perfect for introducing minerals into the soil. It is also great at combating root rot, blight, and powdery mildew.

Cucumber Fertilizer 8-16-36 Plus Micronutrients

From pumpkin, gourd, and zucchini to summer squash, this fertilizer is suitable for many of the plants in your mini farm.

Strawberry Fertilizer 8-12-32 Plus Micronutrients

If you decide to plant hydroponic strawberries, then Strawberry Fertilizer 8-12-32 Plus Micronutrients is best for your garden.

Visit our website and shop our fertilizer collection to transform your yard into a mini-farm, one plant at a time.



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