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Five Gardening Basics You Must Know To Start a Garden

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on April 29 2022

Gardening sounds like an exciting concept for most beginners, but not all know where to begin.

Growing plants is simple. It's all about learning what the plants need to grow.

However, you need to understand the whole process to yield satisfactory results.

Learning the vegetable gardening basics can get any first-timer producing crops like a pro in no time, which this article aims to do by offering you five gardening tips for beginners to get started.


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1. Learning Your Gardening Zone

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Most plants are best suited to conditions of a specific geographic location - this is called your growing zone. So to ensure your crops yield the most produce, it is best to grow plants that can thrive in your location's specific climate.

The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map can help you know exactly which plant would be best for your location.

By interacting with the GIS map and typing in your ZIP code, you can find the hardiness of different areas and determine which plants are best suited for your garden.

Planting crops that can withstand your area's hardiness increases the chances of a successful harvest.


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2. Testing the Soil

Person holding soil in hands as part of a soil test

Soil testing, or soil sampling, is essential to quality plant production.

A soil test will offer a detailed analysis of the soil's composition, pH level, and nutrient content, among other properties. In essence, the soil test provides a diagnosis of possible planting problems, allowing the farmer to prevent losses.

Soil tests involve an analysis of samples from the garden to offer fertilizer recommendations, which are meant to balance out the soil's properties and make the soil suitable for the crops you choose to plant.


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3. Using the Right Tools

Short gardening rake for soil

One important area for every farmer is the tools and equipment to help with gardening.

Gardening activities like planting, pruning, and weeding, among others, require you to have the right tools.

There are several tools each gardener might need, including:

• Gloves

• Loopers

• Garden fork

• Spade

• Hoe

• Wheelbarrow

• Watering wand or can

• Pruning shears

Such tools are valuable for keeping your garden growing and appealing while also protecting your hands.

Getting quality equipment can offer you value for your money, so take your time as you find the best deals.


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4. Finding the Right Seeds

Planting seeds in ground for a garden

Quality inputs often offer top results, so you need to find the right seed to enjoy productive crops.

There are so many seed sources available in the market, but you should take your time with the selection. Most of the vendors are out to profit from seed sales and might not care about offering quality.

Do your homework about the various seed options as fruit, vegetable, flower and grass seeds all differ from one another. The right seeds and transplants help you end up with healthy crops in your garden.

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5. Nurturing the Plants

Woman planting tomato plants using greenway biotech tomato fertilizer

After planting, you need to care for your plants until they are grown. Plant nurturing involves introducing the right elements for plant development — soil, water, sunlight, and protection from harsh elements and bugs.

Plant nurturing involves tending to your plants regularly to ensure the growth conditions are right. You should nurture the plants all through the growing season for top results.

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Starting Your Gardening Journey Right

Greenway biotech mono potassium phosphate 0-52-34

Planting is sometimes a full-time job since you need to take care of the plant's needs to maturity.

Observing all the planting basics will help you know what to plant and get the best results. A key part of which is getting organic fertilizers.

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