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6 Fall Landscape Plants for Your Yard

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on October 13 2023

Fall is here, and things are finally slowing as the world anchors down for winter.

Landscaping your garden this fall could be just the therapeutic activity you've yearned for.

Taking time off your busy schedule to get hands-on with your garden is like gifting your future self while benefiting your present self.

Not only that, but you also get to improve your home's aesthetic value while at it.

Let's discuss some things to consider while fall landscaping and some garden plants you might want to try.


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What is the Concept of Fall Landscaping?

Landscaping is the intentional process of creating or designing a garden or outdoor space more beautiful.

You can landscape by adding new plant life, altering the general topography or adding ornamental features.

Fall landscaping refers to landscaping done during the fall season.


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What Are the Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Fall Landscape Plants?

Fall landscaping

Autumn is one of the best time to plant.

Choosing fall landscape plants should be a walk in the park because there are so many options.

Here are a few factors that may affect the fall garden plants you choose.

  • Location

The location of your garden will influence the plants you can have.

Location will determine how much water your garden has, the amount of sunlight you can expect and your ability to regularly visit and take care of the plants.

  • Size

Depending on the size of your garden, you need to choose plants that will fit snugly into your garden.

A good example is the gorgeous fall mum plants, which occupy little space.

  • Colour

Planting your favorite flowering plants in fall guarantees a spectacular display of color, shape and texture in your garden.

When choosing your plants, remember the colors you would like to have.


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  • Lifespan

When choosing your landscaping plants, you need to consider how long they survive.

Some plants are annuals, while others are perennials.

What Should You Plant for Home & Garden in Fall?

1. Garden Mums (Chrysanthemum)

Orange garden mums

Planting chrysanthemums in autumn is great because you'll get to overwinter them.

They are annual plants and can survive long winters.

To help your garden mums grow strong roots for winter, you want to use high-quality, water-soluble fertilizers.

Strong roots will keep your mums alive through winter until springtime.

2. Sturdy Aster

Purple aster flower

You can plant your sturdy aster from the beginning of spring to fall.

This plant comes in various colours ranging from lustrous purple to delicate pinks.

You can expect this beauty to bloom anytime from August through October.


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3. Russian Sage


Sprinkle a dash of Russian sage to add a pop of color to your garden.

The Russian sage bloom smells great and can make for a fragrant addition.

This flower is low maintenance, so you will not need to spend hours working on keeping it alive.

4. Perennial Sunflowers

Sunflowers patch

If you're looking for a flower that will last a few years, then a perennial sunflower is the perfect addition to your garden this fall.

Perennial sunflowers need plenty of sunlight to thrive, and although they may not be as large as their annual cousins, they still stand out in your garden with their bright yellow blossoms.


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5. Marigolds

Orange marigolds

You can choose from a few varieties of this annual bloom this fall.

From signet marigolds to Mexican marigolds, all marigold varieties have fragrant and colorful blossoms that transform your garden from plain and boring to bright and brilliant.

To give your marigold plants the best chance at surviving the harsh winter, you should prep your garden using organic fertilizer

6. Stonecrop

Stonecrop plant

Characterized by their succulent leaves, sedums, also known as stonecrops, can make a nice addition to your garden landscape this fall.

Although the tops of these plants die off during winter, you can expect them back in spring.

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