6 Amazing Reasons You Should Eat Fruit For Breakfast

Written by Amir Tajer


Posted on July 21 2016

Eating fruit for breakfast is probably one of the best choices you can make.

Not only will it make you think clearer, it will help you lose weight and stimulate the digestive tract to energize the body.

Instead of eating a protein-heavy breakfast like eggs, bacon, and toast (which will just sit like a brick in your stomach and give you feelings of fatigue) switch it up for fruits instead and you’ll notice immediate health improvements after just one week.

Here are six reasons why you should start eating fruit for breakfast:

1. Enhance The Detoxification Phase

Body detox green juice

Between 7am and 11am, the body is going through the heaviest phase of detoxification.

Eating fruit will help provide healing energy to this detoxification process.

2. Stimulate the Digestive Tract & Banish Belly Bloating

stomach bloating

Eating fruit for breakfast charges the body with beneficial enzymes, fiber and prebiotics that help stimulate digestive juices in the stomach and push out old waste matter from the day before.

The fiber cleans the colon, which helps get rid of lower-belly bloating.

3. Lose Weight

lose weight

Fruit provides the body with quality nutrition and also helps release excess toxins by pushing out old waste matter from the intestines.

Eating plenty of fruit in the morning helps get rid of excess toxicity and waste storage, which eventually leads to weight loss in the end.

4. Boost The Immune System

Boost your immunity

Fruit is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants, which strengthen the immune system and ward off any invading bacteria and microbes.

5. Wake Up The Body

Health benefits of fruit smoothie

Natural fruit sugars is what your body needs upon waking up.

Instead of grabbing your coffee, replace it with a smoothie that will help keep the brain sharp and energized.

6. Strengthen The Heart

heart health

Fruit is filled with beneficial vitamins, minerals, crucial phytonutrients and antioxidants that contribute to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure- both of which contribute to a healthier, stronger heart and prevent against cardiovascular disease.

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