How to Care for Mums in Pots for Beautiful Flowers

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on October 06 2023

Chrysanthemums are a favorite for gardeners worldwide because of their wide variety of spectacular colors.

Chrysanthemums can be a mouthful for some.

A sweet, more suitable name; mums, is more commonly used.

You can choose from many varieties of mums, each with its advantages and color displays.

Let's discuss how you can take care of your adorable mums.


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How Long Mums Last?

Orange mums in pot

How long your mum blooms last will depend entirely on the temperatures you expose them to.

Mums in pots can bloom for up to eight weeks if placed outside in cool temperatures.

Because mums like cool temperatures, the hotter the weather, the faster the lovely blooms will wither away.

If you time it right, you can enjoy gorgeous, breathtaking blooms until the first flurries arrive.


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Tips to Care for Mums in Pots

Here are a few tips on picking and caring for your mums blooms in pots around your home.

a. Choosing the Right Pot

Small mums in pots

The prettiest blooms deserve a matching pot to give your garden the perfect complete look.

If you plan to plant individual blooms in separate pots, you want to go for 4 to 6-inch pots.

Larger pots between 8 and 14 inches work for two or more mums plants.

b. Selecting Mum Varieties

orange mums

When selecting a chrysanthemum, choose one with the most unopened buds so you can enjoy a full bloom later on.

You can color coordinate your mums for a matching bloom; if not, any color you choose can do the trick.


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c. Soil and Potting Mix

Potting mix in small pot with orange shovel

Mums need well-drained soil to thrive.

Choose a potting mix that is well-aerated and does not have bugs or weeds because they may carry diseases onto your new mum.

d. Planting Mums in Pots

Terracotta pot for mums

A single mum plant will need a minimum of 4-inch pots for the roots to take hold.

Do not overcrowd your pot so your mums have room to grow and bloom.

The best pots for mums should have openings at the bottoms to let excess water drain out.


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e. Watering and Moisture Management

Mums in large pots with gray watering can

Always water your mums once the top inch of soil is dry.

Allow for excess water to drain out to avoid water stagnation.

f. Sunlight and Location

Pots of mums in sunny spot

Mums love sunlight, so you should place them outside in direct sunlight or inside by a window.

Be careful not to expose the plant to too much heat.

The gentle morning or afternoon sunlight is best.

g. Fertilizing Mums

Greenway biotech monopotassium phosphate fertilizer for flowers

Monopotassium Phosphate and Feather Meal are great fertilizers for mums care in pots.

You can get the best quality fertilizers to make the best potting soil for mums right here on our website.


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h. Pruning and Deadheading

Pruning mums

When caring for mums, cutting off wilted blooms and any dead stems or leaves is important.

This makes your mums achieve a spectacular bloom and helps them by ensuring they are not competing for water and nutrients.

i. Overwintering Potted Mums

Orange and yellow mums outside

Your potted mums are troopers and can survive the winter cold by hibernating.

However, you will need to keep the roots from drying out.

Studies have shown that mums with withered stems survive winter better than those whose withered stems are cut off.


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j. Common Pests and Diseases

Orange mums

When caring for mums, you will need to watch for any signs of diseases.

Mums are particularly susceptible to fungal rot, mildew, and gray mold.

Your mum plant may also get a case of white rust, which can happen if you overwater your plant or expose it to high-humidity environments.

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