Boric Acid

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To get the right returns, you must ensure your plants get all the nutrients necessary for growth. Boron is a vital nutrient for plant growth, plant development and successful yields.

Boron is needed in small concentrations in the form of boric acid fertilizer since large concentrations are often used for algaecides, herbicides, and other pesticides.

Boron has various functions to plants, including:

  • Maintaining the balance between starch and sugar. It does so by helping in the translocation of carbohydrates and sugar.
  • Essential in the process of pollination and seed production - processes vital in increasing yields.
  • Critical to the normal cell division, protein formation, and nitrogen metabolism.
  • Supports water and nutrient transport throughout the plant.

Although their requirements are small, plants are negatively affected by boron deficient soils. Boric acid is the primary source of boron in liquid fertilizers.

Product Features: 

  • Greenway Biotech Boric Acid -- Fine Powder -- Contains 17% Boron -- +99.9% Pure -- 100% Water Soluble


  • Boric Acid is a Highly Soluble Form of Boron Recommended for Dilute or Concentrate Application to All Crops with a Known Boron Deficiency


  • Could be Used as a Repellent


  • It is 100% Boric Acid -- Odorless and Non-Staining


  • Repackaged from Organic Boric Acid


Benefits of Boric Acid Fertilizer:

  • Derived from pure boron - This makes it high quality since it contains a high level of boron nutrients as required by the plants. It is 100% Boric Acid Odorless, and non-staining contains 17% Boron pure water soluble.


  • Highly soluble form of boron - You can use it the way you wish either in its dilute or concentrated form.


  • Applicable to all types of crops - Boron is sufficient in all kinds of plants as long as they are found with boron deficiency.


  • Useful as a natural insecticide - Other than being used on plants, boron is insects, roach, and ant repellent. You can use it to put the bugs away.

After using boric acid fertilizer, you can be assured of increasing your yields. You can also keep unwanted insects from your farm. Do not hesitate to get it today.