Humic Acid

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Humic Acid is a natural occurring component of humorous components and can be extracted from any substance that contains well-decomposed organic matter such as soils, composts and water sediments. Humic Acid extraction is done through treatment of materials containing the component with an alkaline aqueous solution such as sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. When this solution is further acidified and dried, humate which is also a humorous substance is formed.

Humate and humic acid are important in crop agriculture because of their soil enriching properties. These organic components enhance the nutrient-holding capacity of the soil and also may increase or enhance micronutrient uptake. Humate needs to be applied spherically to the plant for uniformity which would also enhance low dust formation, especially when used as fertilizer. It also enhances fertilizer utilization, acts as a buffer and improves the growth of important microbial that help with soil detoxification, helps in the aeration and bio-activation of the soil and also in seed germination.

Humic acid is also important in hydroponics gardening and enhances the creation of larger stronger roots, increases nutrient uptake by the plants and also speeds up cell division. It also improves the ability of the crop to self-incorporate water from irrigation or rainfall.


  • Humate may increase or enhance micronutrient uptake
  • Easy to apply spherically, uniform, low dust formulation
  • Self-incorporates with irrigation or rainfall
  • 35% Humic Acid


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