How to Make Your Home Low Tox

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on June 14 2023

Low tox is a new trendy phrase that has gained massive traction lately.

However, a low-tox lifestyle is tossed into the too-hard basket when it comes to making practical implementations and finding and using appropriate resources.

Fortunately, we're here to guide you in creating a nontoxic home that will keep your family healthy and happy.


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What Does Low Tox Mean

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Low tox, also known as low toxin, can be described as a lifestyle that requires you to make an informed judgment to reduce the amount of toxins you are exposed to.

This can be done by choosing safe foods, creating a clean and healthy home environment, and being conscious about the products you use.


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For instance, you can avoid exposure to fragrance, parabens and phthalates commonly found in conventional body lotions by switching to our Bee-tanical Body Balm Cream or Solene Foot Cream.

Ultimately, these choices will positively influence your family's health and wellness.

Why is it Important to Make Your Home Low Tox

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Sure, you cannot control all toxins that you are exposed to.

However, you can take simple yet effective steps to make your daily living healthier and happier for you and your loved ones.

Some of the benefits of adopting the low tox lifestyle and creating toxic-free homes include:

  • Eliminating various allergens in your home

  • Reduces exposure to VOCs in the furnishings, furniture, and your home's building materials

  • To prevent water leakage, mold, and condensation

  • Saves you money

  • Reduces exposure to chemicals in your home

How Can You Make Your Own Toxin-Free Cleaning Solution?

Use Greenway Biotech's Lemon Essential Oil

DIY Lemon essential oil cleaning spray in brown glass bottle

Lemon oil boasts various properties that make it perfect for household cleaning.

You can create an all-purpose cleaning solution by mixing a few drops of our 100% natural lemon oil with water and vinegar.

You can use these toxic-free products on your countertops, floors, stove tops, sinks, stainless steel, tube, and toilets.


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To boost your cleaning solution add a pinch of baking powder for additional scrubbing. Besides cleaning, our lemon essential oil is perfect for aromatherapy.

You only need to mix a few drops with water to create a nontoxic air purifier which you can use to freshen the air and elevate your mood.


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What are Some Tips for Reducing Toxins in Your Daily Routine

Greenway biotech bee-tanical body balm cream for dry skin

So, you are wondering how to reduce exposure to toxins in your home and enjoy a nontoxic lifestyle?

Here are some suggestions from our team of experts:

  • Allow Fresh Air in - Even on the relatively colder days, open your windows to let fresh air circulate in your space.

  • Avoid nontoxic care products - This means avoiding hygiene products and cosmetics like parabens, triclosan, and sunscreen with chemicals such as octinoxate, quickly absorbed through the skin.

  • Limit the use of non-stick cookware and plastics in your kitchen.

  • Always use nontoxic house cleaners.


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Are There Specific Plants That Can Help Purify Indoor Air?

Indoor house plants that purify living room air

According to research, you can use various plants to beautify your home and detoxify the air you breathe.

Some of the plants that can give your home a breath of fresh air include:

  • Barberton daisy

  • Snake plant

  • English ivy

  • Spider plant

  • Broad lady palm

  • Aloe vera


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Ensuring Safe Drinking Water

Person filling glass with water from faucet

Another way of enjoying safe, nontoxic living is using and consuming safe water.

You can do this by avoiding any water you suspect is contaminated, water from hot water boilers and radiators.

You can make your water safe to use by boiling, proper storage, and having emergency water sources in and outside your home.

Making small but impactful changes in your daily living is the best way to approach a low-tox lifestyle.


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We are committed to walking with you as you work to improve your family's health and well-being with our low-tox personal care products that are safe for your skin, your health and your home.

Shop our store with our personal care collection and organic essential oils here.



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