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How to Alleviate Lower Back Pain

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on May 30 2023

What is Lower Back Pain?

Man with lower back pain in gray hoodie

Generally, back pain can range from a dull, consistent pain to a sharp, sudden pain, sometimes shooting down the leg.

It can be sudden- from a sports injury, accident, fall, or heavy lifting.

Other times, it can be due to age-related degenerative spinal changes inflammatory among other chronic conditions; the good news is that there are various ways to alleviate lower back pain, sometimes with ample rest and various home remedies.


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Up to 80% of Americans experience lower back pain at one point in their life, once or more times through the year.

It is among the major causes of job-related disability in the country and strikes men and women in equal measures.

Common Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

Woman with curly hair and orange turtleneck sweater sitting on blue couch holding lower back in pain

Back pain can be a slight pain in a particular spot to extensive pain spreading across the back.

Other times, the pain might extend from the back to other areas of your body, such as the abdomen, buttocks, and legs.

Depending on the type, location, and cause of your back pain, the symptoms might include the following:

  • Intense pain when sitting, resting, or standing

  • Excruciating pain when you bend or lift

  • An on-and-off back pain

  • Weakness or numbness in your legs

  • Your back is painful and stiff when you wake up in the morning and reduces with activity


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Be sure to visit a doctor if your back pain:

  • It is severe and lasts longer than a few days

  • Does not improve with rests

  • Causes tingling and numbness

  • It is accompanied by fever, trouble urinating, weakness, and weight loss

Causes of Back Pain

Person in gray sweatshirt sitting on couch with lower back pain

Here are all the causes of lower back pain:

Structural or Mechanical Problems.

  • Sprain and strain from injuries

  • Degenerative disc disease due to aging

  • Ruptured or herniated discs that irritate the nearby nerves

Inflammatory Conditions.

  • These include conditions such as ankylosing spondylitis, a particular arthritis of the spine


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Other Medical conditions

  • Fibromyalgia- extensive muscle fatigue and pain

  • Kidney stones and infections and

  • Endometriosis

  • Pregnancy

Back Pain Diagnosis

Vials of blood on top of blood test

Diagnosis of lower back pain is done by a neurosurgeon based on symptoms, history, physical examination imaging and blood tests, and readings of the diagnostic studies.


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Treatment of Lower Back Pain

So, what helps lower back pain? Various can use various approaches to alleviate lower back pains.

These include medication, including over-the-counter painkillers, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory drugs, and prescription pain relievers, among others.

They can also apply surgical treatments such as laser surgery and spinal fusion to help you live a pain-free life.

Fortunately, Greenway Biotech offers you numerous natural, organic, and safe supplements that can help you alleviate back pain discomfort.


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These include:

  • Magnesium Chloride USP- 100% Edible

Greenway biotech magnesium chloride usp powder in a clear plastic bag

    If you wonder how to relieve your lower back fast, here is your go-to solution.

    Magnesium chloride is nature's little secret that can help to reduce inflammation throughout the body, alleviating muscle and joint pain.

    Including this supplement in your routine can help reduce inflammation, migraines and balance sugar levels.

    • Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate)

    Epsom Salt in wooden bowl with wooden shovels

      If you are looking for what helps lower back pain when sleeping, Greenway Biotech's Epsom Salt got you covered.


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      It also is your go-to supplement whether you want to relax and be away from your daily stresses or need a bath salt to help alleviate the pains and aches of a long sports day.

      Prevention of Lower Back Pain

      Woman in black yoga pants stretching

      Preventing lower back pain is much easier ( and less painful) than treating it.

      Besides good posture, here are the best stretches to ease your lower back, according to experts:

      • Child's pose

      • Supine twist

      • Cow/cat stretch

      • The pelvic tilt

      • Knee-to-chest stretch

      • Supine Figure 4 Stretch

      • Cow face pose

      • Reclining hand to big toe stretch

      • Bridge pose

      • Forearm plank

      Herbal remedies and dietary supplements can offer tremendous help with lower back pain.

      With us, you can expect nothing short of natural, safe, and quality supplements that can help alleviate your lower back pain symptoms and improve your quality of life.

      Shop our supplements for chronic back pain and more, here.



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