How to Improve Joint Pain With MSM Powder

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on April 27 2023

MSM (MethylSulphonylMethane) is a sulfur-containing compound usually found in raw foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains, and meat.

It is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory used to manage and treat tendonitis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis that cause chronic joint pain.

MSM powder can be made in the laboratory and sold as a dietary supplement commonly used as alternative medicine.


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What Are the Benefits of Using MSM for Joint Pain and Arthritis?

Person with knee pain holding knee

MSM powder is mainly used by people searching for a natural and safe way to alleviate inflammation and joint pain and boost immunity.

Here are some of the main health benefits of MSM powder:

Reduces Joint Pain Enhancing the Quality of Life

Greenway biotech msm powder in clear bag for joint pain and arthritis

    One of the common uses of MSM powder is reducing muscle and joint pain.

    The compound has been found beneficial for people struggling with joint degeneration, one of the major causes of excruciating back, knee, hips, and hands ache.


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    Our MSM hip and joint supplement has been found to improve the production of cortisol, an effective anti-inflammatory hormone.

    This makes it the best MSM supplement for people and animals suffering from chronic pain.

    Enhances Recovery After Exercise

    Man and woman doing lunge exercises in basketball court

      Extreme physical exercises can significantly increase oxidative stress levels and cause muscle damage.

      Consequently, athletes can experience intense muscle pain and soreness, impacting their training and performance.

      Our MSM Powder- 100% edible boasts high levels of sulfur and has been found to enhance muscle recovery in sports enthusiasts.

      It also speeds up sulfur metabolism and incorporation in the body.

      Reduces Arthritis Symptoms by Alleviating Pain and Stiffness

      Woman with short hair sitting bent over in bed holding lower back because of lower back pain

        Arthritis causes stiffness, pain, and joint mobility problems.

        MSM powder has been used as a safe and effective alternative for arthritis-related medications thanks to its remarkable anti-inflammatory properties.


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        Additionally, it enhances the strength and effectiveness of other supplements, such as glucosamine sulfate and boswellic acid, used to manage arthritis.

        If you are looking for the best MSM for arthritis, we have you covered.

        How Long Does it Take for MSM Powder to Work for Joints?

        Person putting Greenway Biotech MSM powder in red mug on clear glass table with white plate of strawberries and peaches on table top

        Everybody is unique.

        That said, how long the MSM for joints takes to work might vary, taking longer for some people and taking effect almost instantly for others.


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        For instance, while some of our clients immediately feel the benefits of Greenway Biotech MSM powder, others might take up to three weeks to feel the difference.

        Patience is key.

        What is the Proper Dose of MSM Powder

        Person stirring greenway biotech msm powder in red mug for joint pain

        According to research, MSM is safe even at very high doses.

        The optimal dosage for MSM powder is a tablespoon (4 grams) per 100 lbs body weight twice daily.

        For instance, if you weigh 150 lbs, your best dosage would be approximately 1.5 tablespoons (6 grams).

        Extremely high MSM dosages can lead to the following:

        • Migraines/ headache

        • Intestinal discomfort

        • Mild skin rashes

        • Swelling of the ankles


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        Is MSM Powder Safe for Kidneys?

        Digital image of skeleton body showing internal organs with kidneys highlighted

        Yes. MSM powder is safe and beneficial to your kidneys, heart, and eye retina.

        In humans, this compound enhances fat metabolism, releases of energies, and maintains and boosts your immune system.

        Keeping Your Joints Healthy and Happy the Greenway Biotech Way

        In a perfect world, we could get sufficient MSM from our everyday food.

        But we are not in an ideal world, and most foods today have low MSM levels.

        Sometimes, we do not even eat MSM-rich keratin and collagen.

        That is where we come in. Whether you are battling chronic joint pains or want to keep your MSM levels in check, we are your go-to partner for all your MSM joint supplement needs. 

        Shop our MSM powder here.



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