How Can MSM Boost Your Immune System?

Written by Amir Tajer


Posted on September 27 2019

What is MSM? 

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MSM, or to give it its full name, methlysulfonylmethane, is a natural compound that is rich in mineral sulfur.

It's usually found in small quantities in a number of popular foodstuff, including fresh fruit and vegetables, cereals, grains, meat and dairy, and even coffee, tea, and chocolate. 

However, despite being present in all manner of foods, a lot of sulfur is lost during the cooking or manufacturing process.

MSM has gained a lot of attention over recent years thanks to the positive effects on anti-aging and immunity that have been observed in people taking it as a supplement. 

What Are MSM's Effects on the Body?

MSM has a number of noticeable effects on the body that have led people from all walks of life supplementing their intake. Some of the most popular reasons for taking MSM supplements include: 

1. Improved Skin Health 

MSM is a vital ingredient in the production of collagen. A lack of collagen leads to all manner of issues with skin, including wrinkles, and dry and cracking skin. 

MSM can help to promote collagen production which in turn can dramatically improve the look and feel of skin. 

2. Improved Flexibility

When taken as a supplement, MSM has been observed to improve the flexibility of joints.

This, coupled with the fact that it helps restore moisture to skin and muscle, makes MSM a great choice, if you're looking to repair mobility.

3. Detoxification 

MSM impacts cells in a way which allows toxins to easily pass through them while simultaneously allowing important things, such as nutrients, a way in.

MSM also acts as a dissolver of calcium phosphate, which means it can cause bad calcium to break down.

It's this bad form of calcium that is often at the root of degenerative diseases.

How Does MSM Support Immunity?

Some of the most common causes of minor immunological issues are inflammation and stress.

Chronic inflammation often arises from undesirable environmental factors, dietary factors, or a lack of vigorous exercise.

Stress also has a detrimental effect on the immune system, and for many Americans is an unavoidable part of life. 

MSM can benefit the immune system with great success.

By taking regular supplements, you can reduce the levels of inflammatory chemicals within your body while also regulating your body's natural inflammatory response.

Glutathione is an antioxidant that's naturally produced by your body.

It's a fundamental part of a healthy immune system and can contribute to feeling healthy.

Taking MSM has been proven to reduces stresses on the body, and stimulate the production of glutathione

The fact that MSM can reduce the over-response of immune cells and conserve their ability to react appropriately when they're needed, means it's a great supplement for people who have been diagnosed with a weak immune system, or just people who are looking to take greater care of themselves and prevent themselves from the risk of a weakened immune system. 

At Greenway Biotech, we pride ourselves on selling OptiMSM which is the purest, and only MSM which has been awarded the 'generally recognized as safe' classification by the FDA.

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