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Can Mental Health Be Improved?

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on May 02 2023

Poor mental health has become prevalent in modern society. The culprit you ask?

Well, there are numerous reasons why your mental health may be taking a hit but all is not lost.

Let's look at the most important things you should work on, and products you can use to improve your mental health.

What is Mental Health?

Outline of a silhouette of person's head with flowers coming out of the top of the head to represent mental health

Mental health is a term that describes the psychological condition of each one of us.

It is the ability to cope with stress by creating innovative solutions and keeping up with emotional, social, and environmental turbulence.

Good mental health is often characterized by a healthy dose of self-confidence, a sense of well-being, and a positive outlook on life and the future.


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Why is Mental Health Important?

Woman with curly hair sitting on sofa with head in hand looking at other woman comforting her

Mental health is the fiber that holds the fabric of society woven together.

Poor mental health can quickly escalate into a never-ending feedback loop from hell where one generation transfers it onto the next albeit inadvertently.


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What is Spoon Theory?

Metal spoon on countertop

Christine Miserandino coined the concept of spoon theory in 2003 as a way to explain how it feels to have lupus.

In a nutshell, she used different spoons to describe to a friend how to plan out her day so you do not end up running out of energy.


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This is a great way to plan yourself depending on your mental condition each morning.

How Can I Improve My Mental Health?

Woman wearing white tank top and black cycling shorts sitting cross legged on floor of living room with little girl in white shirt and black leggings meditating

Here are a few things that may help you improve your mental health

  • Exercise is one of the best mental health solutions there is out there.

  • Interacting with your friends and family is a close second.

  • Keep busy by picking up new skills and learning.

  • Practice mindfulness.


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Best Tips For Good Mental Health?

If we are completely honest, there is no one-size-fits-all for fixing poor mental health.

Just like getting your body in top condition, there are numerous ways to improve mental health.

However, here are the best mental health practices that you can always observe.

Get Enough Sleep

Man asleep in bed hugging pillow

First on the list is running on less than seven hours of sleep.

Sleep is an essential part of good mental health.

Maintaining good sleep hygiene is crucial.

Essential oils like orange sweet and eucalyptus can help you fall asleep and rest.


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Get Outside

Red beach cruiser bike leaning against large tree in park

It's no coincidence that we get to enjoy a healthy dose of sunlight every so often.

We have thousands of years of genetic adaptations and mutations that make us predisposed to need a little fresh air and sunlight.

The bottom line, go outside for a walk every day.


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Watch What You Eat

Healthy foods on countertop where someone stirs a salad in a large bowl

Overindulgence has become the bane of our existence.

From taking too much sugar, caffeine, and even alcohol, scientists have found too much of everything is poison to your body–put effort into feeding your gut health.

    Here are the Best Products for mental health from Greenway Biotech.

    One of the best ways you can improve mental health is by using the best products for mental health.

    Here are a few items you can find in our shop:

    1. Tea Tree Essential Oil

    Tea tree essential oil is one of the most effective mental health solutions.

    Our tea tree essential oil is produced and packaged in the best conditions to make the most impact on your health.

    2. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

    Eucalyptus essential oil is a great way to improve mental health.

    Science and research have proven that Greenway Biotech's eucalyptus essential oil has a marked effect on poor mental health.

    3. Orange Sweet Essential Oil

    Orange sweet may just be the best option for ticking another item off your mental health checklist.

    The tropical scent does wonders for your olfactory senses.

    4. Magnesium Chloride

    If you ever wonder how to improve mental health, magnesium chloride is just the compound you need.

    The powder is harvested from the Dead Sea and packaged under the right conditions.

    As you can see, there are numerous ways to improve your mental health - it can be done. What matters most is that you find what works for you best so you can build healthy habits that are sustainable and allow you to maintain good mental health. 

    For more, you can shop our personal care products here.



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