Are Skin Tags a Sign of Diabetes?

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on September 28 2023

Even the best facial skin gets a bad break out now and then.

It may be a temporary zit that may be annoying but goes away in a few days or something longer lasting like a skin tag.

Even though a skin tag may fall off by itself over time, it may also stick around for months.

Most people find skin tags irritating and may want them removed.

But what exactly are skin tags?


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What Are Skin Tags?

skin tags on body

Skin tags, also called acrochordons, are harmless, often dark growths that can appear anywhere on your skin.

They are not painful and don't cause discomfort except for the change in appearance.

Even though they can appear anywhere on the body, they are predominantly found around the neck, eyelids, and underarms.


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Although they appear darker and more noticeable in some cases, they may also have the same skin tone as the rest of your skin; they may even turn flush when irritated.

Did you know that the average adult will develop a skin tag at least once before they turn 50?

Skin Tags and Diabetes: Is There a Link?

Woman with skin tag on back with doctor using a tweezer on it

The signs and symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst, high blood sugar, increased urination, and changes in the skin, including the appearance of skin tags.

Type 2 diabetes, or diabetes mellitus, has been identified as the leading cause of skin tags in patients.

What Are the Symptoms of Skin Tags?

Person with blue gloves squeezing skin tag on back

Skin tags are pretty easy to spot when they appear on the body.

You may feel them when running your hand over your body or even have a friend point it out.

For the unfortunate few, you may cut some unknowingly when shaving, which can lead to bleeding.


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They may be a darker color or have the same skin tone.

It is also possible for the skin tag to grow out and hang or remain close to the skin.

Skin tags may be confused with moles and keratosis.

What Causes Skin Tags?

Person pricking finger for diabetes

Skin tags are primarily caused by an overgrowth of skin cells in one local area of the skin.

Scientists believe these spontaneous growth spurts may be brought on by stress inflicted on the skin or underlying health conditions like diabetes.


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How Are Skin Tags Diagnosed?

Woman with skin tag being inspected by doctor

You shouldn't diagnose yourself with skin tags because they have a habit of looking a lot like moles and other skin conditions.

Removing a skin tag at home is also a bad idea because you might trigger a more aggressive skin reaction, like the growth of keloids.

If you suspect you have a skin tag, you should schedule an appointment with your registered dermatologist.

Can Skin Tags Be Prevented?

Greenway biotech organic cinnamon leaf essential oil next to cinnamon sticks

Your dermatologist will walk you through your options for dealing with skin tags and any other skin condition you might be dealing with.

They may recommend using Magnesium Chloride USP or Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil to boost immunity, balance blood sugar levels, and lessen the effects of skin conditions.

Using these products, you can successfully keep unsightly skin blemishes at bay.

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