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5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on January 04 2023

Your immune system is your body's defense against environmental germs and diseases.

Without it, your body would be subject to constant illness, making daily tasks impossible.

A weak immune system can result from several factors, including lifestyle habits like smoking and alcohol consumption, poor nutrition, AIDs, and autoimmune diseases.


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There are a few things you can do to keep your immune system at peak performance so you can lead a healthy life. Here are a few of them.

1. Get Enough Sleep and Eat A Good Diet

Healthy Whole Foods on a countertop

Nothing can boost your immune system as well as good lifestyle habits.

In general, it's recommended to get enough sleep every day, at least 6 hours, and eat a balanced diet.

Your diet should have fruits and vegetables in it as well as healthy protein, fats and carbohydrates.

If your doctor recommends this, you can compensate for any dietary restrictions by taking supplements.


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2. Exercise

Man and woman doing lunges in parking lot outside on sunny day

Leading a sedentary lifestyle is also a recipe for numerous health issues, including obesity, diabetes, and cardiac illness.

It would help if you adopted a consistent workout routine that gets you up and about for a healthy body and active immune system.

You can support your joints and muscles post workout with a warm and relaxing epsom salt bath! 

Our epsom salt is pharmaceutical grade so you're getting top-quality salt at a budget friendly price - something our customers love! 

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3. Quit Taking Recreational Drugs

Person holding cigarette in hand and smoking

Smoking has been proven to cause numerous health issues, including cancer and stroke.

It has also been directly linked to immune system issues, including arthritis.


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This is by far the most effective in terms of things not to do that can boost your immune system.

Excessive consumption of alcohol and other drugs can also impact your health and immune system, so stopping or at least minimizing intake would help.

4. Lead A Stress-Free Life

Woman in pink tank top and black leggings sitting on black couch and meditating

It sounds easier than it is because most stress factors are external and often out of our control.

The best way to beat stress is to monitor it.

Find out what triggers it and once you identify the cue, remove it from your life.

Say, for example, the sound of the elevator door opening stresses you because you know someone is about to walk in and stress you out.

You can try using ear plugs or ear muffs to block out the noise so you can focus on completing important tasks.

Stress can also have a secondary impact on your life because it can inadvertently impact your sleep cycle and cause you to eat unhealthy food to cope.

Additionally, it can also cause you to experience headaches and pains in other parts of the body.

Stress is different for everyone, but it is manageable and can sometimes be avoided altogether.

5. Take Your Supplements

Woman in blue shirt drinking magnesium chloride usp powder supplement

Allergies, product supply, and food prices are some of the factors that can affect the type and amount of foods you can eat.

Taking supplements is a great way to boost your immune system.

Take our MSM Hip & Joint Supplement, for example.


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It is an organic compound proven to improve the musculoskeletal health and help your body heal swelling, pain, and aging.


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Our MSM (MethylSulphonylMethane) Powder - 100% Edible is also excellent for mild skin rashes, headaches, intestinal discomfort, and swelling in the ankles.

Anyone who boosts their immune system with MSM may experience fewer allergies and joint pain.

The health benefits of MSM include better joint repair and care and better energy levels.

We provide you and your loved ones with the best quality supplements so you can live long, healthy lives. You can shop them all here.



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