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What to Plant for Earth Day?

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on April 25 2023

One of the socially and pertinent holidays we celebrate is Earth Day.

We all need the earth to survive; so it's only right that we take a day each year and make a concerted effort to preserve the earth.

Earth Day is also set aside to educate the community about environmental issues including the effect of synthetic fertilizers and human activities on the planet.

Here are a few things you might find interesting about earth day.


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What is Earth Day?

Person standing on green grass with bike and blue sky in background

Earth Day is an annual event that is celebrated worldwide on April 22.

The day was first celebrated in 1970 and is now held annually with each community conducting a wide range of events with the oversight of EARTHDAY.ORG formally known as Earth Day Network.


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What Are the Best Plants for Earth?

Kids hands around a small tree planted in the soil for earth day

All plants are the best plants for the environment.

They have a role to play in the general well-being of planet Earth.

That said, plants that last longer and survive adverse weather may seem more valuable compared to perennial plants especially those that do not produce edible fruit or produce. 

Other Meaningful Things to Do for Earth Day

Educate Yourself About Plants, Soil and Animal Life

Orange monarch butterflies landing on purple flowers

    Learning more about plants, how they grow and the relationship between plant life, animal life and soil is a crucial part of learning to take care of the planet.

    This is also a great opportunity to learn about gypsum and other fertilizers like blood meal and how they benefit the earth.


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     Plant a Tree

    People planting a tree in the soil

    Earth Day tree planting is a great way to give back and ensure the continued health of the planet.

    To ensure your earth day plant grows to maturity, our Kelp Meal fertilizer and organic cottonseed meal fertilizer will give the right nutrients to earth day trees while keeping the soil healthy and toxin-free.

    Educate Young Ones About Earth Day

    Little boy wearing green gardening gloves in the garden

      The earth day tradition can only live on if the tradition is passed on to the younger generation at an early age.

      Take this opportunity to make tree planting fun for the younger generation so they too can pass on the tradition in the coming years.

      This is something we aim to do in our Greenway Foundation where we teach young children how to grow their own food.

      In fact, a portion of our sales is donated to our non-profit organization for gardening supplies and other educational materials for our students, which you can support by shopping with us!


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      Add Pollinators to Your Garden

      Orange monarch butterfly on pink flowers

        Whatever you can do for bees and other pollinators on earth day is great to improve pollination and germination.

        Be careful when handling bees and don't forget to plant flowers for them so they can collect nectar for honey.

        Why Native Plants Take First Priority on Earth Day

        Purple and yellow tulips in a garden

        Planting native plants gives your plants the best chance of seeing your plant survive to maturity.

        Non-native plants have a better chance of surviving if they get the right nutrients added to the soil.

        We offer a wide selection of nutrients that can do wonders for any plant you choose for earth day tree planting.


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        The Best Fertilizer for Your Plants On Earth Day

        Greenway biotech tomato fertilizer, mono potassium phosphate fertilizer and cucumber fertilizer laying on soil next to shovel

        We offer a wide range of gardening and planting products designed to support the robust growth of any plant.

        Among their high-quality products include Cottonseed Meal, Gypsum, Blood Meal fertilizer and Kelp Meal fertilizer.

        We keep every aspect of your garden in mind. Visit our fertilizer collection here and grow with us!



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