How to Maintain Healthy and Productive Plants

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on December 05 2022

As winter is steadily reaching its peak season, you must wonder how to maintain healthy and productive plants.

Every gardener's joy is seeing their plants bloom without disease or lacking nutrients.

As gardeners, we do everything in our power to protect our plants from anything that may harm them.

Here are a few things you can do to increase the chances of growing a lush, green garden.

Give Your Garden the Best of the Basics

1. Soil

Leek plant growing in soil

Obviously, you can't expect to have healthy plants if you are growing them in bad soil.

Good soil should have enough nutrients, good drainage, and just the right PH.

Bad soil, on the other hand, has big stones and pebbles, has no nutrients, and has very poor drainage.

It is also best to go for organic soil without chemical treatments.


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2. Water

Blue watering can watering garden plants

Water for your plants is a no-brainer; however, it may be hard to know how much is enough.

Water your plants at the base of the plant and avoid wetting the foliage because it can invite fungus.

It would help if you didn't overdo it; too much water can affect your plants.

If you aren't sure whether to water your plants, inspect the soil with your hand.

If it feels dry, you can water it.

3. Sunlight

Hibiscus flower getting sunlight against blue cloudy sky

You probably already know this, your plants can not grow without a good amount of sunlight.

Plants rely on sunlight for photosynthesis and do their best in a garden that gets the afternoon sun.


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South-facing gardens do significantly better than gardens facing other directions.

Younger plants should be protected from harsh sunlight using much or a covering until they are older.

4. Nutrition

Greenway Biotech Fish Bone Meal fertilizer 4-17-0 on soil next to hand trowel

Each time you harvest, you leave the soil less nutritious than you found, which is why you need to replenish the soil.

Most gardeners prefer to work with organic fertilizers for plants, while others enjoy applying our specially formulated and eco-friendly fertilizers. 

From our specialty fertilizers, you can choose from: 

The benefits of Lettuce Fertilizer and Cucumber Fertilizer are as undeniable as those of Pepper & Herb Fertilizer because each of our specialty formulas include added micronutrients to give your plants well-rounded nutrition for larger crops, quick growth and healthier plants overall.


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So we know we need fertilizer for our plants, but how much is enough?

Choosing the amount of fertilizer you use in your garden cannot be arbitrary.

It all depends on the kind of plants you have in your garden and the npk fertilizer formula.

In addition, the composition of your soil matters, so testing your soil is important for formulating fertilizer application rates.

It also helps to note what kind of soil you have.

There are four types of soil to know of: 

1. Loam 

2. Sand

3. Silt 

4. Clay

If you're wondering how do you identify soil type, there is a simple soil type test you can do at home.

While loam soil is the ideal soil for raised garden beds and the like, the good news is you can improve your soil with the help of soil amendments like Gypsum, Bone Meal, Cottonseed Meal and Kelp Meal.

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We All Need a Healthy and Flourishing Garden

 Mother and son watering lettuce plants on raised garden bed on apartment patio

Without proper nutrition, your plants will produce smaller fruits, and the plant may wilt before reaching maturity making for a gloomy garden.

But don't worry, our natural, water soluble and hydroponics fertilizers can turn your garden around one season at a time.

Make your next harvest a bountiful one by using Greenway Biotech fertilizer to give your plants the best of what they need.

In fact, as a gardener, you know eyeballing fertilizers and guessing the best combinations for your garden is a recipe for disaster.

That is why we've taken the time to design a fertilizer bundle just for you!

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The bundles contains a 2-pound bag of one of our specialty fertilizers, one 2-pound bag of Calcium Nitrate 15.5-0-0, and a one-pound bag of Epsom salt.

At Greenway, we realize how important and satisfying it is to see your garden thriving as the seasons change.

Don't let winter creep up before you nourish your precious plants; add one of our fertilizers to your soil today and experience the difference of growing with Greenway!



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