How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Vegetable Garden

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on August 04 2023

Having a thriving vegetable garden takes a lot of work.

But even with perfect care, insects, and bugs, among other pests, are still a great menace to gardeners and farmers.

While destructive bugs are common and inevitable, there are numerous simple and affordable ways of keeping them away and stopping them from wrecking havoc in your vegetable garden.


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Why Keep Bugs Out of Your Garden?

White bugs under leaves of plant

Once they attack your garden, bugs cause significant damage, including leaf curl that negatively impacts the vigor and ultimate production of your garden plants.

Keeping them away will save farmers from losing their gardens.

Additionally, it will save you plenty of time and a lot of costly pesticide purchases.


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We understand that sometimes, you will do all it takes to keep bugs at bay, but they still find their way into your farms and gardens.

If you are tired of battling pests in your vegetable gardens and need a way out, here are our top recommendations for vegetable garden pest control:

Create a Barrier Around the Garden to Deter Crawling Insects

Brown fence around garden

A fence is a perfect bug barrier depending on what insect is trying to access your plants.

However, the type and length of the fence will determine its effectiveness as a bug barrier.

For instance, while cedar wood fences will naturally deter bugs and other insects, metal, and vinyl fences might not be effective in keeping the critters out of the garden.

Additionally, higher fences, at least six feet in height, are better pest deterrents than shorter fences.


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Choose the Right Location for the Garden

Raised garden beds in outdoor garden

Choosing an ideal location for your garden can help eliminate bugs in plants.

For instance, choosing a windy area is perfect for keeping bugs away.

However, your plants should be tolerant to wind to prevent further damage.

Proper Watering and Fertilization

Blue watering can watering raised garden bed plants

If you struggle to eliminate bugs in your garden, consider keeping your plants strong and healthy.

Learn and implement your specific plants' water, spacing, and fertilization requirements.

After all, well-fertilized and watered plants are vigorous and will produce healthy growth that is more resistant to bugs and others on the farm.


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For instance, our Crustacean 4-0-0 Fertilizer, also known as crab meal, are a natural source of nitrogen, calcium, and minerals crucial to plant growth.

It provides a perfect environment for plant growth, provides feeds to beneficial soil microorganisms, and keeps pests at bay.

Pest and Disease-Resistant Plants

Rosemary plant to keep bugs in garden away

While we naturally assume that flowers attract insects, various plants produce and release scents that keep insects away.

For instance, plants such as rosemary, chrysanthemum, chives, and garlic are effective in repelling bugs and other insects that are harmful to your vegetables.

These make them perfect vegetable pest control methods.

Use Balanced Fertilizers to Promote Healthy Plant Growth and Resilience

Greenway biotech bone meal fertilizer for vegetable gardens

A balanced fertilizer provides sufficient but not excessive plant nutrients and supplies to the soil system.

For instance, our Sulfur Powder makes an incredible soil amendment enhancing plant growth, overall health, and appearance, as well as resistance to plants and diseases.

On the other hand, our organic bone meal fertilizer encourages healthy root growth, which improves plant resilience to water stress by increasing the plant's efficiency of water use.

Besides supporting root growth, bone meal is a great resource of calcium which prevents the problematic blossom end rot common in tomato plants.

Insects and vegetable bugs can be persistent nuisances in your garden.

However, these effective, simple, and affordable garden pest control tips will stop them from destroying your vegetables.

Keep your precious garden bug free with the top quality, tried and tested balanced fertilizers from our shop.

If you are looking for a long-term solution to the bugs in your vegetable garden, browse our natural pesticide collection to keep unwanted insects out of your garden while not sacrificing your overall plant health.



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