How to Clean Gardening Shoes With Boric Acid

Written by Naomi Meza


Posted on May 30 2023

Gardening shoes are sturdy waterproof shoes that provide structure and keep your feet clean and dry during landscaping and other gardening activities.

They also provide significant traction to help you traverse across and safely access any surface in your field.

Benefits of Using Gardening Shoes

Person in garden wearing yellow rain coat and green gardening boots

Whether you are an experienced gardener or are just starting out, it is crucial that you stay safe, warm and comfortable during your farming activities.

The right gardening shoes will keep your feet dry and comfortable as you water and weed your plants.


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They also provide an additional insulation layer when the temperatures are extremely low.

If you recently wore your shoes to your gardening activities, there are high chances that they are dirty and filthy.

Cleaning dirty gardening shoes is crucial as dirty boots tend to spread pests and diseases from and infested to a healthy plant.

How to Clean the Gardening Shoes

Green gardening boots next to a water hose spraying water on the concrete

Gardening shoes cleaning is quite a simple and quick process.

After all, most of these footwears are waterproof.

One of the best ways to clean garden shoes is simply hosing them and leaving them to dry.


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If your insole is removable, be sure to remove and clean them separately with water and detergent then leave it out to dry.

Tips for Cleaning Gardening Shoes

Dry Brush

A Dry Brush Can Help

Use a soft-bristled dry brush to eliminate loosely attached dirt from the uppers, outsole and midsole.

If you do not have a brush, a spare toothbrush can also help.

Use a Mild Cleaning Solution

Mix some mild laundry detergent or wash up product with some warm water to clean your shoes.

If yours is a white light-colored shoe, you can mix water and bicarbonate of soda in equal measures to make an effective cleaning paste.


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Handwash Separately

Remove the shoelace and innersoles, scrub and rinse them with a soft cloth.

Don't Overlook the Sole

Apply your cleaning solution to the cleaning brush then clean the upper, mid and outsole thoroughly.

Ensure you clean every part of the sole and dry with a soft cloth.

Clean and Blot the Uppers

Apply the cleaning solution on your bristled-brush, toothbrush or damp cloth and clean the upper parts of your shoes.

Be gentle to avoid damaging them in the process.

Air Dry Your Gardening Shoes

When your gardening shoes are finally clean, air dry them at room temperature.

Leave them to dry completely before using them for your next gardening adventure.

Does Boric Acid Help to Remove Dirt and Germs from Gardening Shoes?

Person in overalls and polka dot gardening boots wearing red sunhat planting flowers

Yes, boric acid from Greenway Biotech is an excellent cleaning and disinfectant agent used in various factories and households.


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You can therefore use it in washing and disinfecting your gardening shoes keeping them free of dirt and other contaminants.

Is Baking Soda Good for Clean Gardening Shoes?

Baking soda in glass jar next to wooden spoon

Yes, baking soda can be a wonderful shoe cleaner.

This is especially true if you love to rick white or light-colored kicks when nurturing your plants.

You only need to mix your baking powder with vinegar in a basin to form a cleaning paste.

This is the secret weapon of cleaning and restoring your gardening shoes to an almost new appearance.


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Gardening shoes are quite easy to clean, especially most are made of waterproof materials.

Washing them will keep you safe and comfortable during your gardening activities.

With our Boric Acid from your gardening shoes will be clean and safe to use around your garden.



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